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Girls in Smart Tech (GIST) is one of the greatest programs in Lithuania for empowering young girls in technologies from secondary schools to universities. The Program is initiated by Smart Tech Academy (STA, www.smarttechacademy.eu/).

Smart Tech Academy has partners in all Europe for one purpose – to make a growth of young girls joining technology sector and studies in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) fields.

STA Team kindly invites girls from all Lithuania to join to a new e-learning course called ‘Smart Business Technology’.

This course is aimed to introduce girls to business fundamentals, business creation process, business management and finance management. Students will develop their abilities to evaluate business data and make decisions.

Main competences developed in the course – entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation.

Smart Tech Academy Team believes that a support from the young age will lead young women to choose their careers into technologies.

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