The project seeks to stress the importance of digital skills as well as motivate and encourage the Lithuanian society to acquire the necessary digital skills, to use the Internet and e-services efficiently, comprehensively, safely and responsibly.
The project will add to the increase of internet users in LT till 84%. The target group is reached through the active involvement of 500 local communities and 1200 Public Internet Access Points in public libraries starting with local community members needs and 2000 digital leaders selection. In order to encourage the target group to discover the benefits of the Internet, ICT products and services, a national campaign will inform the target group in the digital divide, about the benefits and possibilities offered by ICT, 100 000 non users and low skill users will be invited to trainings in 1200 Public Internet access Points. Young e-scouts will be invited to become volunteers in Public Internet access Points.

Project results at the end of 2018

Network of 500 digital leaders.

Information Society Development Committee
State Regulatory Authority
Ministry of Interior
Association “Langas į ateitį”
M. Mazvydas National Library
Target group
Non-users and limited users